Well, I’ve had this blog for over a week now. I’m sick of the insipid winter sun and have completed a couple of paintings that feature spring and summer things like daffodils and tomatoes.  Only thing is, I don’t know how to get the photos of the paintings from the camera to the computer.  (Sigh–another lesson for another day.)

   Anyway, a couple of the insipid winter suns, as well as some scarves,  will be in the Hollis Arts Society’s first juried art show in the Meeting Hall Gallery, Townsend,MA, from April 2nd to 27th.  The reception will be April 6th from 11:00am to 2:00pm.  Should be a blast!  Unfortunately, I won’t be at the reception because I’ll be on a school trip to Hungary–that’s not unfortunate.  It’s unfortunate that good things often happen at the same time.

The Hollis Arts Society – Hollis Old Home Days


Painted Silk Scarves

Here are some of my painted silk scarves that were on display at Hollis (NH) Old Home Days.

The Hollis Arts Society was invited to show and sell our art during the weekend celebration.  The designs on the green and blue scarves were made with a gutta resist; the red scarf was done with a wet-on-wet technique where the colors are free to run together.

Insipid Winter Sun Watercolor Series

in·sip·id – adjective – without distinctive, interesting, or stimulating qualities.

This is my Insipid Winter Sun watercolor series. The paintings reflect the cold quality of the winter sun when it shines, but refuses to warm us.  (Click on the individual images to see them larger.)

!00583-600The title of this painting is “Frozen Under the Insipid Winter Sun”

!00584-600The title of this one is, “The Insipid Winter Sun”

!00585-600This one is, “Insipid Winter Sun Sunset”

!00586-600And this one is, “Love Under the Insipid Winter Sun”

Looking West – A Sunset

The inspiration for this painting came from a scene that blasted me while driving west on New Hampshire Route 101 just east of Manchester. It was in the dead of winter when the sun sets early (too early), but the dark pines next to that blue and orange sky turned a cold evening into a gift from On High.